OMG is this for real?  Because if so, WOW!  I can not believe this teacher had the audacity to actually give this to a student!  This, my dear, tender and loving friends, is a text book example of a teacher bullying a student!  And it happened right here in Amarillo, TX at River Road High!  The band teacher, Marci Criswell, allegedly gave a student, Evan Hodges, an award for "The Worst Band Member"!

Again, this is all allegedly, I do not know for a fact that it's "real", but again, if it is, damn!

I ran across this on our sister station, 101.9 Blake-FM's, Facebook Page and it seems pretty sincere to me.

(Source - BlakeFM-Facebook)

"Above is a picture of an award that was given out by a River Road High School Band Teacher here in Amarillo Texas!! I think it is very important to reach out to the world to show this child we care about him and others like him and that it is NOT OK TO BULLY!!! I believe it is our job to expose the teacher to the world and get her out of the school and from around our children!! We as parents need to show our kids the right thing to do when something like this arises! Please help me spread the Word BULLING IS NOT OK!!! — with Rikki Diane Wheeler at River Road High School."

After seeing this, Angel Dee and I did some digging, and the signature on the award is the name of the band teacher that does work at River Road.  She was the one hired to replace the teacher that was under investigation by the TABC for being accused of throwing a party for students with alcohol.  Not trying to paint a bad picture of River Road, just stating a fact, it's a good school with many promising students and teachers, so don't let these 2 things give you the idea that River Road High is some kind of terrible school with tons of problems.  It's a great public school, just wanted to get that out there!

Anyways moving on, again I don't know the validity to this, but if it is real, I completely agree with Rebecca, this is bullying!  If the band teacher did in fact give this student this award, that's something that's going to stick with him for the rest of his life!  And in what fashion was it given to him in?  Was it either A; behind closed doors, or B; in front of the entire band student body, meant to embarrass him and discourage him.  I'd put my money on B!

Is this fact or fiction?  I don't know, but the poster does seem sincere with her words.  And if it is real, I would like to think some kind of action is going to be taken by River Road ISD.

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