When the season started back in April for the Amarillo Sod Poodles we didn't know what to expect. I mean right? You never do know. Especially this year the Inaugural Season.

Here we are in the early days of July and the one thing we do know is that Amarillo is going to the Playoffs in September. We also do know when the first of our home games will be.

The first two games will be played September 4th and 5th at 7:05 pm in Hodgetown. The news you need to know is that tickets go on sale on Friday, July 19th at 9 am. If the way ticket sales have gone this year you do not want to wait.

These tickets are going to go and are going to go fast. Of course it will be a sellout. I mean it's playoff baseball in the Inaugural Season. Of course we had no idea it would go this great.

We won't know who we will be playing until the end of the season so it's anyone's guess right now.

Just know this the day tickets go on sale. Advanced sale single game tickets will cost you between $8 and $18. Just know you will be limited to purchasing 10 tickets per transaction per game. If you wait until day of (and I wouldn't because, well, I feel there won't be any left) but if you do and there are those tickets will cost you an extra $2 per ticket.

The Right-field lawn seats and standing room only will cost $8. Tickets in Zone E (down the right and left field lines near the group patio areas) are $10. Tickets in Zone D (upper level seats above the bullpens are $12). Zone C  tickets (located in upper seating above the dugouts) are $14. Tickets in Zone B (field level near the dugouts) are $16. If you can get Zone A (behind home plate) are $18.

So make sure you are ready to purchase them next Friday RIGHT HERE.

Then just sit back and know you have your tickets and just wait to see who we will be playing. That will be in a great position to be in.

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