Very sad news about something that went down yesterday, something I would never want to see in my life, yet I know someone that watched it take place in their rear view mirror!  A woman of Amarillo, TX was walking on Interstate 40, for what reason we do not know yet, but as she was walking on the highway, she was struck by a Dodge truck driven by James Grayson Davis, and died at the scene.  A "vehicle - pedestrian accident" that ended horribly.

Again, it's not really clear what she was doing on the highway.  Was she attempting to cross it?  Or was she attempting suicide?  Either way, it's so sad.

My friend that witnessed it said they were driving down I-40 and they saw a woman "trying to cross the highway" and that they "knew she wasn't going to make it".  As they passed her they looked up in their rear view mirror and saw the woman get hit.  The scene described after that is nothing I would like to get into because it's so sad and shocking all at once.

The Amarillo Police Department has released an official statement today that reads as follows.

 "On April 8, 2013 at approximately 5:57 PM, officers were dispatched to a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle collision in the 3200 block of East I-40.  Upon their arrival they discovered a WF in her 30’s had been running southbound across the west bound lanes of East I-40.  Several cars in the right hand and center lanes had seen her and were slowing down.  A truck in the left hand lane did not see her.  She ran in front of a 2000 Dodge Dakota Truck driven by James Grayson Davis, WM, 48 of Amarillo.  The subject died at the scene as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.  It is unknown at this time why this individual was trying to cross the interstate highway.  Speed is not a factor in this collision.  It is unknown at this time if alcohol/narcotics are a factor for the pedestrian.  Justice of the Peace Debbie Horn has ordered an autopsy.  The pedestrian’s identification is being withheld pending notification of her family.  The incident is being investigated by the Traffic investigation Squad of the Amarillo Police Dept."

I couldn't imagine what the family is going through, so even though we don't know who exactly it is, just keep them in your thoughts and prayers please. And even the people that witnessed it, say a prayer for them as well, that has to be a very hard thing to have witnessed, I can't imagine what the driver of the truck is going through, so please say prayers for Davis as well!  Sad news indeed.  And I don't think we'll ever really know the truth, was this a suicide or just a pedestrian trying to cross a very busy highway?  Either way, a shocking and sad story all together.

The family has given permission to release the name of the pedestrian in this accident, Crystal Nicole Beagle, 32, of Borger, TX. The accident remains under investigation.

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