Splash Kingdom, formerly known as Splash Amarillo, has been shut down and will not be open for the 2016 summer season. Splash Kingdom purchased the property a year ago and now has locked its gates up and the property is currently up for sale. Although they were open last year, they are no longer running their business in the Amarillo market. Splash Kingdom is a chain of water parks here in Texas. There was a lot of hype over Splash coming to Amarillo with new water rides, but all that happened was a slight change in price and a few changes to their park rules.

Tommy the Hacker spoke to a Splash Kingdom employee who confirmed via phone that they are no longer open here in Amarillo. If you drive by the water park, the "Splash Water Park" sign has been taken down, but an old "Fire Water Park" sign still stands. Fire Water Park was the park's name before Splash.

The Big Texan recently purchased the land that Splash is located on and there has been speculation that they will expand onto that property.

With no water park open in Amarillo this year, looks like our other option is H20 Aquatic Center in Pampa,Texas. I heard they have a pretty cool water park!

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