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A few major things happened in 1973. That was the year I was born. It also was the year that George Maalouf opened up George’s Shoes in Wolflin. I thought about George as I drove by his store heading home from grocery shopping the other day. His daughter, Gina, messaged me to let me know the news. George was making the decision to retire.

If you have ever been shoe shopping here in Amarillo you have probably walked through the doors of George’s Shoes. His store has been a mainstay at 2804 Civic Circle.

It’s time now for George to spend his time traveling to see family. Besides his four daughters, he has family in Canada and back in Lebanon.

One of the daughter's first jobs was at George's Shoes, she would leave Tascosa High School and head over to help sell shoes. Gina, George's daughter, got word from her now-husband Cody, who was my coworker at the time, of Faith and the next day she was hired.

Here we are now. George announced his retirement over the weekend. With that news also a Retirement Sale. We are gonna miss George but we are so happy to see his business last in Amarillo.

credit: George's Shoes Facebook
credit: George's Shoes Facebook

George Maalouf to Retire from George’s Shoes
Amarillo, Texas October 3rd, 2020

With gratitude, George Maalouf announces the retirement sale for George’s Shoes. A legend in Amarillo retail and in the business community, George has been assisting generations of customers in West Texas and from around the country with shoes and accessories since 1973. George first developed his reputation at Colbert’s, then opened his own store in 1988. A true example of the American Dream, George was able to build his business from the ground up, putting his four daughters to work early and employing wonderful people at various stages of their careers along the way. Over the years, George’s careful attention to trends, his photographic memory of sizes, preferences, and styles, and his exemplary customer service helped build a loyal clientele. After 47 years, this decision is a natural next step. George is very thankful for the opportunity to help the community for many wonderful years. While George will miss his friends, vendors, and clients, the rest is needed and deserved. He plans to spend some time visiting his daughters and his family in Canada and Lebanon. *Please redeem your gift certificates and store credits at this time. Everything in the store is marked down and all sales are final. George wants to thank the community for their decades of support and memories.

George’s Shoes is located at 2804 Civic Circle Amarillo, TX.
You may contact George at: (806) 358-1854

credit: George Maalouf
credit: George Maalouf

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