The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, and it's a good weekend for it as there's a lot going on in Amarillo. Here's a few things to look at doing:

Muttfest 2021

After being canceled by COVID-19 last year, this beloved event is back...and at a new location! This years event will take place on Sunday, May 23 at the Starlight Ranch Event Center. BBQ, shot clinics, games and all sorts of fun will be available to have here. You can read more about the event here.


An event that helps out local non-profit Mission Amarillo will be jam packed with things to do. Plenty of games for the kids will be available, a plethora of food trucks to whet your appetite, a silent auction with some great items to help raise money for Mission Amarillo and oh yeah, live music by Monarch. Head on out to Sam Houston Park on Saturday, May 22 starting at 11am for a good time!

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Endangered Species Day at the Amarillo Zoo

Any time you can go to the zoo, it's a good day. When it's to celebrate it's even better. That's what the Amarillo Zoo is doing on Saturday as they raise awareness for these endangered species. It's not just a learning experience as the Amarillo Zoo is home to several endangered species, so you'll get to see them as well. The event takes place from 9:30am-3:00pm.

Amarillo Sod Poodles

The boys of summer are in action all weekend long, and there's a lot of excitement at Hodgetown this weekend. Our Sod Poodles are only half a game out of first place and take on the Midland RockHounds. Both Friday and Saturday night will feature fireworks, then Sunday will bring out the bobblehead collectors as they're giving away a Buddy Reed bobble. You can get tickets for the games here.

Plenty to do in Bomb City this weekend, so don't miss out!

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