Mother's day falls on May 8th and it will be here before you know it.  So it is time to start making plans.  Of course, you can ask her what she wants but you already know what she's going to say: 'I would just like to spend the day with all my kids."  Ok, so she isn't much help.  Here are a few ideas that could help you make this mother's day the best yet!

Let's first think about mother's day past.  Hmmm, she didn't much care for the pots and pans, the dress was the wrong size, and let's not forget dad's awesome idea to take her fishing.  This year let's make it all about her and what she'd like.

Moms work hard everyday making sure that their family are taken care of.  It's time to take care of her.  Nothing is better than a little relaxation.  Sensei Med Spa has several different Mother's Day packages that would all be relaxing and pampering for your beautiful mom!


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I love Joe Taco’s.  Feels like a Santa Fe weekend every time I sit out on the patio. With great service, live music, fun people and an amazing menu; you can’t go wrong taking mom here for her special day. Their green sauce is fantastic and Mom will appreciate the portions-so she can order dessert without the guilt.


If your mom loves plants and flowers, then this would be the best place to take her.  She can escape from Amarillo for a while and just take a walk in the garden.  They have an indoor and outdoor garden that will take her breathe away.  And if you want to add a little gift, you can get her a membership so that she can enjoy the beauty anytime she'd like.

This would mean so much to dear ole mom.  Not only did you put in a little extra effort, but you can pack her all her favorites.  Chicken salad, pecan bars, the works.  There will be plenty of shade to keep her cool.  When all is said and done, she can enjoy a stroll, nap or head to the zoo.

In all reality, it doesn't matter if you buy her anything at all.  Just make time for your mom.  She has sacrificed so much for you over the years, take one day and so her how much you appreciate her.  This mother's day I won't be able to spend it with my mom, but I am going to make sure to give her a phone call and tell her how much I love her!  Cherish these moments because you never know how much more time you will have with her!

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