Just a friendly reminder, that Mother's Day is this Sunday, so please don't forget your mom.  Mom's are important and that's why we want you to get her the perfect gift.  Here's a few ideas that might help make mom feel special on her special day.

congratulations on Mother's Day
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    Flowers are great, but be creative if you are getting Mom flowers.  Yes, it's easy to call a florist and say, send my mom the best bouquet you have in the store.  However, go unique on the flowers this year.  Go to the store yourself and pick something out and personalize it.  For instance, get her a Orchid and pick out a beautiful pot to put it in.  Buy a rose bush and plant it for her.  Or create your own flower arrangement.  The effort is what counts.

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    Why not take Mom on a picnic?  We have some beautiful parks and areas that are perfect for a picnic.  Pack up an amazing lunch, whether it be sandwiches or something you whipped up.  Grab the blanket, the cooler, the food and of course the sunscreen and head outdoors.  Palo Duro Canyon is perfect for a picnic as well because of the beautiful backdrop and they have several locations in the canyon with covered picnic tables.

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    If mom hates the outdoors, then take her to brunch.  Amarillo has some really great brunch locations.

    Scratch Made Bakery and Cafe
    Public House
    BL Bistro
    Joe Daddy's

    Just to name a few.  You could make an awesome brunch for mom at home as well.

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    Get Artsy with Mom

    Take your mom to one of those fun painting classes.  Amarillo has several locations where you can go and get creative and paint an amazing portrait.

    Here's a few places you can go and paint with mom:

    Burn Studio
    Brush with Art
    Art Trek Studio
    Rusted Revival Art

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    Sometimes Mom just needs a break.  Sometimes she needs a little help.  Why not do some of her chores for her.  Surprise her by cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and even mowing the lawn and taking out the trash.  Mom's need a break every now and then from the chores.  She'll be so happy that she doesn't have to do these things, she just might have a few minutes to sit back and actually relax.

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