Mason Osburn is an 8-year-old autistic boy from Canyon and he is doing something really amazing.

Just last weekend, the family had a garage sale to raise money so they can go on a vacation. They really wanted to go to Disneyland but knew it was out of their price range. So they have settled on saving up to take their family vacation at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. Mason decided to set up a lemonade stand to help raise money for his family. What's so special about this story is his lemonade sales not only raised $57, but he gave a FREE glass of lemonade to all police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, and military.

Mason loves police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, and military vets. His mom Alisha says he has big dreams of becoming a police officer one day and that they are his heroes.

Thought that was the end of this special story? Well it's not! Mason actually had a lemonade stand last year to help raise money for his mom. She needed a surgery and Mason was able to contribute $50 to her medical bills.

Mason is definitely a great kid with a huge heart and a desire to help others. If we hear about Mason's next lemonade stand, we'll definitely let you know. And you know we'll be out there to buy some fresh lemonade and help Mason with whatever cause he's fighting for next!

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