Oh what, professional football players don't make enough money or something?  These guys cash in millions of dollars a year!  But as they say, the rich get richer, mo money mo problems, so on and so forth.  I guess that's why Chicago Bears receiver, Sam Hurd, tried to launch a drug distribution ring in Chicago!  That's gangster right there!  Some straight up Scarface stuff!

Yesterday, federal prosecutors out lined a case against Hurd in which he was presented as trying to push large amounts of drugs onto the streets of Chicago.  And there is no denying it on his end either because on Wednesday night he actually met with an under-cover federal agent where he spoke of his plans.  (Chicago Tribune)

On Thursday, federal prosecutors outlined a case against the former Northern Illinois University star that presented him as scheming to push major quantities of cocaine and marijuana onto Chicago’s streets.

As Hurd dined at a high-end suburban steakhouse Wednesday night with an undercover federal agent and a confidential government informant,  Hurd spoke of his desire to become a drug kingpin, authorities said.

The Bears receiver and special teams leader, who is earning $2 million this year on the football field, allegedly told his companions that he needed 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana every week. He was also allegedly looking for a cellphone from Mexico because he believed that it could help him evade federal wiretaps.

The dinner ended with one of the two supposed drug suppliers handing Hurd a bag allegedly containing 1 kilogram of cocaine.

Wow this dude was serious!  And he's making more then $2 million dollars this year alone!  Why on Earth does he need to sell drugs?  Because he's got sh!t to buy people, that's why!

He allegedly placed the bag of drugs in his vehicle outside the restaurant and then was arrested.  He is now facing drug conspiracy charges!  That's big time right there!

Hurd is scheduled to make an appearance in court this afternoon for a bond hearing on the federal drug conspiracy charges.  Feds plan to transfer him to Dallas to face a one count of conspiring to distribute half a kilogram of cocaine or more.  Hurd actually played for the Dallas Cowboys before he signed with the Bears back in July.

Hey it all comes down to greed here!  The fact is, he was already a drug ring leader in Chicago.  He just finally got caught!  He and his silent partner were already moving product in the Chicago area, they were just looking to up the stakes and move more!

At the Wednesday meeting, Hurd negotiated with the informant to buy 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week for distribution in the Chicago area, authorities alleged. He agreed to pay $25,000 for each kilogram of cocaine and $450 a pound for the marijuana, meaning he was willing to fork over as much as $700,000 for narcotics each week, according to the charges.

Hurd told the undercover agent and informant that he and a partner distributed about 4 kilograms of cocaine each week in the Chicago area but that their supplier wasn't able to meet their needs, according to the criminal complaint.

See!  You gotta stop while your ahead!  Hit him hard and let him rot behind bars!  The teenagers of Chicago that use drugs were having them supplied by someone whom is supposed to be a freaking role model!  Can we please stop slapping celebrities on the wrist and give this guy the maximum sentence!?

Here's a fun fact.  You know what the highest selling product in the world that doesn't advertise is?  DRUGS!  HAPPY FRIDAY!