Today I took a little trip down to what they are calling 'Tent City'. Located under the Pierce st. bridge is where you'll find the little community that has been started under the bridge. Tent cities are not just in Amarillo, Texas they have popped up all across the country. The 'Tent City' here in Amarillo consist of about 30 people and 5 of them are the leaders of 'Tent City'. The people that are living under the Pierce st. bridge are homeless.

They are people who have hit a hard time in their life and that are trying to get back up on their feet. The 'Tent City' under the bridge started back in October and they call themselves a family. In order to live in 'Tent City' you must be interviewed by the 5 leaders of the group and then they will decide who can live with the "Tent City' family.

From talking to them they have rules you must follow in order to live with them. They said they do not allow drugs or alcohol under the bridge, and they also mentioned that they do not pan-handle. They have received donations such as food ,tents to live in and shoes from Faith City Ministries and also people have dropped stuff off for them.

The city has received many complaints about 'Tent City' and has been forced to give them a 24 hour notice of eviction from the property under the bridge. If they don't leave by 5pm on Tuesday they will be issued warrants and arrested. The members of 'Tent City' are very upset that the city didn't handle it well, and should have gave them a few more days to figure out what they are gonna do then just 24 hours. I asked them if they can get jobs or get help from shelters? They replied that it's hard getting hired on with a job. As for the shelters they said that most shelters are booked up and there is a waiting list!

That's why they started the 'Tent City' here in Amarillo. This brings up many question within our community. Check out the video as I took a little tour of the 'Tent City'. After the video please answer our poll.