You can't deny that we live in a crazy time!  I mean, when the USA's government is on the verge of shutting down, you know that the fits hit the shan.  So what does the government shutting down mean?  Well first it means that you all voted the wrong guy into office.  Second,  it doesn't mean pure chaos and anarchy, although it certainly sounds like it.

What it comes down to is up to 600,000 federal employees taking a vacation without pay.  A temporary lay off so to speak.  The term is called furlough, and it could be in the future if congress fails to pass a spending measure by midnight Friday. (Washington Post)

Though Senate leaders Thursday morning showed a new conciliatory tone and said they would work through the day to reach an agreement, there was still no early sign of a definitive deal.

“There’s no reason the government should shut down over this, and I expect all of us to do whatever is necessary to do the people’s business and make sure it’s done by the end of the year,” President Obama said at a White House event.

What can you expect if the "shutdown" actually happens?  Well, congress members and the president wont be going without pay, of course not.  What would be cut?  Only some of the most important departments of our government!  Agencies and departments that would come to a halt are:

Consumer Product Safety Commission



Energy (some parts)


Executive Office of the President (includes OMB)

Federal Communications Commission

General Services Administration

Health and Human Services (some parts)

Homeland Security



Office of Personnel Management

Securities and Exchange Commission

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration

State (some parts)


Veterans Affairs

So with all those departments and agencies ceasing, what would remain operating?



Housing and Urban Development


Some parts of State Dept. (multi-year appropriations)

Some parts of Energy Dept. (multi-year appropriations)



Commodities Futures Trading Commission


National Science Foundation

Oh that makes a TON OF SENSE!  We'll be flat broke, but lets keep sinking billions of dollars into NASA and the FDA and commerce!?  STUPID!

However, fear not, this isn't the first time we've been through this situation.  It's happened before:

Shutdowns in the 1970s and 1980s ranged from three days to 17 days, according to the Congressional Research Service (CRS). A five-day shutdown occurred in November 1995, and a shutdown stretching from mid-December 1995 to early January 1996 lasted 21 days — the longest in modern history.

So even if the shutdown happens.  It shouldn't last that long.  The government will just take some time to get back on it's feet.  Kind of like you when you moved out of your parents house.

So basically, don't go starting riots or looting just yet.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Our government just cant see it because they have their heads shoved up their own a$$es.


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