Father's Day is the day where you celebrate the man who raised you and loved you.  But does the holiday get as much love as Mother's Day?

This year Father's day lands on June 19th, but to tell you the truth I just found that out yesterday.  Not a whole lot of hype has ever been given to this day.  My question is why?  Isn't it suppose to be a day to celebrate the man who sacrificed everything to make your life better?

Mother's day is advertised everywhere you go.  Weeks before the day, I already had tons of gift ideas for my mom and planned a whole day with her. I keep having to check to see when Father's Day even is.  It leaves me thinking, are moms more important than dads?

In my opinion yes.  But not in the way you are thinking.  You see this world revolves around money, so businesses target the people in charge of spending.  That is usually the woman of the house, or the mom.  Husbands and children aren't going to want to hurt their wife/mom's feelings so they are going to make sure to buy her something.  Dads aren't as sensitive.

Here are some of my ideas to help make Father's Day just as special as Mother's day:

Have all the family get together and barbecue for him. I know most dads love to cook out and having the family together is always a plus.

Find out his favorite hobby and buy him something he can use. For example if your dad loves to fish, buy him a new fishing pole or tackle box.  If he is a sports fan, get him a subscription to sports illustrated or a tv sports package.

Just be nice. The smallest things always mean more, so go and wash his car.  Or mow his lawn.  Now I'm better at indoor things, so I would probably bake him some sweets like brownies.

Even though Father's day isn't as extravagant as Mother's day, you can still make your dad feel special.  What are you getting your dad?

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