UPDATE #3: The sign has been removed from the area, hopefully in the meantime, we can find the answers to this whole thing. Did someone play a prank? Was it a misprint? What is the deal? Message us if you have any information.

Credit Melissa Bartlett

UPDATE: While it's not confirmed it seems that In-n-Out knows nothing about this development. see the post below. So what's the deal?

credit: in-n-out facebook

Is someone playing a joke on us?

ORIGINAL POST: The debate has been going on for a while. Who is better Whataburger or In-n-Out Burger?

You would have to travel to Dallas to try In-N-Out but no longer. That is where I first tried it while we were there for a volleyball tournament.

This sign was spotted in Amarillo on Saturday. It blew up on my Facebook. Really? Finally? In-N-Out coming here?

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It looks like it’s true by this picture. The location is Hillside and Coulter.


It just says coming soon. Those are words that are sure to make any person's day. I thought they were good, but Jack-in-the-Box WHERE ARE YOU?

I will give it a try again when it opens up soon. I mean like I said I only tried it once. I will have to wait and see if it will move up past my love for Whataburger. Only time will tell.