It's been a great 3 months. Well for everyone but the lady having to write warnings in Downtown Amarillo.

She has actually written over 1,700 warnings since the paid parking signs have gone up. That is about 566 per month. Which is about 141 a week. Or 30 a day. Apparently, that was all she was doing.

I've already stated why I hate this parking situation. I also work in Downtown Amarillo and had to find other places to park. One in the parking garage that my job offers (though it makes my job A LOT more inconvenient) and a "secret" place I can't speak about.

The time for niceness is over and you have been warned. This is the last week, or should I say the last 4 days, to actually receive just a warning. They "graciously" gave us a 90 day grace period. That time was to reflect on how we want to pay for our parking or get the app downloaded.

June 3rd is your first day to actually start receiving tickets in this matter. Each one will cost you $25. So what can you do? The city wants you to download the app and start paying that way or find somewhere else to park.

I will tell you that there have been a few businesses that have already been hurt by the new parking rules. I have talked to them and they are concerned. This was still during the grace period. It will not get any better for them when tickets start getting written.

Businesses are trying to find ways to make it easier for customers. My work bought the Civic Center Inn and tore it down. They are in the process of making that into a parking lot.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. - "Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows

Not that the Civic Center Inn was paradise but it was a place that a lot of bands stayed back in the days of concerts at the Amarillo Civic Center. But I digress. It is now needed for more customer and employee parking.

So be warned those bright green warnings will go away next Monday, June 3rd. They will be replaced with $25 citations that will double if not taken care of in 12 days.


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