Seriously... no one better mess with our margs.

Last week we announced that Amarillo was having our first every Margarita Crawl! You would think it sounds like a fun event with your friends or co-workers right? Well if you dig a little deeper it could be a scam.

When you explore the comments on the event Facebook page you will find multiple comments like the following:

Don’t go! We just attended the one in Detroit and it was a waste of money!! They didn’t have any deals and every bar except the registration bar didn’t even know they were in a crawl and had no specials and not enough workers to handle the flux of people! It was a total waste of money and a scam! So buyer beware!! Bar Crawl Unlimited even deleted our comments about how horrible the Margarita Crawl was in Detroit and hasn’t done anything to make the over 2k people who.....

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If anyone has any information on this event or the company Bar Crawl Unlimited please let us know!

Hopefully, this is not true... if it is this is the perfect opportunity for businesses like Fuzzy's, Acapulco, Joe Taco, and more to all come together to meet the need! Haha

We will keep you updated as new information comes in.

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