Billionaires spending their couch change on civilian space travel is nothing new, but Paul Allen’s latest plans for galaxy travel could break some serious world records.

Wired is reporting that the Microsoft co-founder’s “Stratolaunch” project, a commercial space program for anybody with the dough to pay for a seat ,is on par to break the world record for the world’s largest aircraft.

Allen and aerospace designer Burt Rutan are planning on a building a massive six engine plane with a wingspan of 385 feet. That’s much wider than the current record holder, the Airbus A380 which has a measly 265 foot wingspan.

The massive plane will also be able to fly to an altitude of 30,000 feet and carry a 490,000 pound booster rocket that will send the passengers into space.

stratolaunch plane space program nasa paul allen

The first flights are scheduled to take off in 2016. Let’s just hope the plane doesn’t run on Windows 7.

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