Highway Patrol pulls over a four-door sedan, gun drawn, and kicks the driver’s window in. After several attempts, the trooper opens the door. The trooper with their guns still drawn give Greene conflicting commands. He first tells him not to move, then tells him to come forward. Another officer comes in and handcuffs Greene's wrist and pulls him of his car.

Greene drops face first to the ground, clearly dazed as five officers rush him. A sixth officer, with Henderson police, enters the frame late and delivers five soccer kicks to Greene's face. As they gather around Green one of the officers yells out.. "Stop resisting mother (expletive)!" Greene doesn't scream until a second Henderson officer knees him in the midsection -- and then does it three more times.

This video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers

Greene was later treated with broken ribs. Police suspected Greene was drinking and driving but that was not the case at all! After investigation they searched Greene vehicle and found some insulin in his pocket..In the video you hear one of the officers say..."He's semiconscious; let's get medical out here. He's a diabetic, he's probably in shock."

These officers are so wrong in many ways and I hope they get reevaluated with their jobs!

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