I have sat at some stop lights before but the one as I am exiting Bell Street on I-40 West was about to make me lose my mind! I am serious.

I, of course, go to work at an ungodly time and I don't pass a lot of cars anyway. I started timing how long I would sit at that light so I could get to the station. The cars going north and south would get the green light twice before I would get to turn and head south on Bell. The sad part is a lot of times there are not even any cars going that way. But I still have to sit there.

I am not exaggerating either. I timed it once and I sat there for 2 and a half minutes! I saw some cars avoid sitting there by taking the wrap around and going in the Donut Stop parking lot just so they could get on Bell Street.

It was crazy. I think Jamey got tired of hearing me complain about it. I mean I should never sit at a light for that long. I only have 2 major lights I have to stop at on my way to work. The one at I-40 and Georgia and that dreaded one at I-40 and Bell. Once I get through that time sucker on Bell the rest are usually green on Bell. So I have that going for me.

I timed the light at I-40 and Georgia and I never sat there longer than a minute. Ever. I hated the fact that I sat at that Bell light longer than it took me to drive from I-40 and Georgia to Bell Street.

I had this whole plan to complain about this and hope someone would listen and get it fixed.....but imagine my surprise when a couple weeks ago I again grabbed my phone to time how long I would sit AGAIN at that light. To my surprise......it got fixed! I guess someone else complained or the fine folks who control our lights figured out how long that light took.

I don't care who or how it got fixed.....but Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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