Some people are born wild. And for just a brief moment in time, Chanz Garcia certainly ran wild and free after an insane police chase that involved law enforcement agencies from three counties in the Texas Panhandle.

According to a press release from the Hansford County sheriff, Robert Mahaffee, on Tuesday 9/6/2022. Spearman police and Hansford County S.O. were given information from Ochiltree County about a wanted subject.

A short time later, Spearman police located the vehicle of 25-year-old Chanz Garcia of Perryton, and were able to identify him as the driver. When asked to exit the vehicle by officers, Garcia declined and departed the scene at a high rate of speed. He then led officers in a hair-raising pursuit southbound on FM 760.

Upon crossing the Hutchinson County line, Garcia attempted to navigate a maize field in an effort to take the pursuit off-road. The vehicle, unsurprisingly, sustained extensive damage.

Not A Chanz Of Going Back to Jail

According to several reports, Garcia was said to assure officers that he would "not go back to jail.", raising safety concerns for both officers and suspect. He then moved with the quickness and fled on foot.

In an impressive display of inter-agency cooperation, law enforcement coordinated an exhaustive search of the area. Carson County Sheriff's Office deputies brought out their drone and a DPS helicopter flew in from Lubbock to assist in the hunt for Garcia.

C Red Waddell
C Red Waddell

Despite the efforts of the multiple law enforcement agencies, Garcia was able to slip away into the night and the search was called off around midnight.

How could one reckless criminal get so lucky, you ask? Welllllll.....

 Chanz Back at It Again With Those White Vans

Rather than make plans to turn himself in or get the hell out of Dodge (or in this case, the Texas Panhandle), Garcia popped up in the comments of a post made by Hutchinson County Mugshots on Facebook, asking citizens to be on alert for a wanted suspect....Chanz Garcia.

In a jaw-dropping (if not abysmally ignorant) display of self-incrimination, Chanz Garcia not only confirmed his status as fugitive, he also revealed that his reasoning for fleeing the police was due to a domestic dispute involving the estranged mother of his child.


He proudly offers the page a deal: turning himself in to authorities on the stipulation that his young son be taken from his mother's custody. At the time of this writing, there is no indication that the child and child's mother were involved in the high-speed pursuit at any point of time leading up to Garcia's comments.

Looking For a Chanz At Love

Soon after the press release asking the public for information regarding the whereabouts of Chanz Garcia, several women notified authorities of a possible location.


Garcia had apparently matched with women in the area through the popular dating app, Bumble. He had exchanged messages in a time period that coincide with his flight from justice and the location on his profile then indicated that he was in Perryton.

This, however, is unconfirmed and most certainly should not be taken as a factual statement. This entire post is merely documentation of the complete and total chaos that seems to follow Chanz Garcia. I can assure you that law enforcement are likely doing a thorough search for the fugitive using avenues that do not involve hookup apps.

While it can be safely assumed that Chanz Garcia will be located and taken into custody in the very, very near future......If anyone knows the whereabouts of Chanz Garcia, contact the Hansford County Sheriff's Office at 806-659-4140.

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If you have any information about these FUGITIVES, you are urged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at (806) 374-4400 or submit a Web Tip by visiting THIS LINK


You do not have to give your name. AMARILLO CRIME STOPPERS will pay a reward of up to $300 and you WILL remain anonymous. 

Updated as of 6/18/2022


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