I know it sounds weird. It, though, was something I really wanted to try. I saw a post last month about it being a thing in New York.

So knowing it was something I really wanted to try. I suggested it to the owner of Fire Slice Pizzeria here in Amarillo.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Guess what? I heard back from Cody last Friday telling me I need to come in and try the pickle pizza that they named, The Freddie Mercury. I love when owners listen to their customers!

That is one of the great things about Fire Slice Pizzeria. That and the fact that everything in the restaurant is made fresh in the restaurant which includes yes their ranch dressing and Caesar dressing. So that is why it is SO good!

I got the pizza home and couldn't wait to try it. Actually I was tempted to eat some while I was visiting with Cody and some customer's in the restaurant. I wanted to tear into it in my car as well....but I was good and waited until I got it home.

Let me tell you....I really loved this pizza! Not only does it have pickles on it but Cody decided to add bacon to his recipe. You can't go wrong with bacon on anything.

I really loved the way this pizza tasted! The tartness of the pickles...and the yumminess of the bacon made this a pizza I will have more than once this month.

I even wanted to find out if this pizza would stand the time. Would it still taste good reheated the next day. It sure did. I always reheat in my oven. It was just as good as the day before.

The thing is that the Freddie Mercury IS the Pizza of the Month. So you need to get and try it now! It is only here for a limited time. If you love pickles you will love this pizza too!

Fire Slice Pizzeria is located in the Summit Shopping Center (34th and Coulter)....it is famous for being the Back Alley Pizzeria because yes, it is in back....in the alley. It's a hidden gem that you will add to your list of favorite restaurants.

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