Today will be remembered by many people here in Amarillo, but will definitely be remembered by the employees and customers that were shopping at the Walmart off I-27& Georgia. Just after 11am today there were reports of an active shooter inside the Walmart that had two hostages. Law enforcement were very proactive and handled the situations quickly. The man who had the hostages had a loaded weapon and was later shot and killed by Amarillo Swat. The surrounding area of I-27 and Georgia was on lockdown and the scene was being investigated and is said that the Walmart will be back open Wednesday morning. The parking lot was blocked off as customers and employees had to leave their vehicles their. Later on that afternoon I was able to catch up with a few customers leaving the scene and had asked them about what they went through as they ran out the door after hearing gun shots.

One customer did not want to be video-taped and left very emotional. Here's a video of a couple other customers that were inside the Walmart during all the chaos!

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