If you've never seen the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist, you are missing out.

When people have an encounter with a stranger and wish they had taken their opportunity to pursue love, they often take to Craigslist to search for that special someone....

Or, sometimes, they are just looking for a place to tell their secrets.

Check out some of Amarillo's missed connections.

Construction crew off of Grand - m4m

Crew working on neighbor's house. some hot guys on that crew. Would love for any or all of you come over and let me see what tools you are hiding. I been caught staring a couple of times.

My love - w4m (san Jacinto)

God I miss you! I miss your smile, your eyes when they look at me, your voice, and most of all your taste. I could kiss you for days. How you kiss me hard and let me suck on your tongue as you grind into me. Our bodies moving in sync with each other's. God baby don't stop, don't ever stop desiring me. Pretty soon baby..very soon, everything is going to be just as we planned. I can't wait to take care of you and love you even more. You're mine and I am yours and nothing will come between us. I love you my darling, N.D. !!

Can't believe you two? - w4m (amarillo)

I have to say that I am very surprised by what I saw. I can't believe you two would be cheating with each other! You should find a more discreet place to **** in his truck!! That's a very common back road for people to travel!! Already so much drama in this small town. You both should be ashamed! You both have A LOT to lose...........

(Name Redacted) at JNB - m4w

What happened to you beautiful? Haven't seen you in about a week, miss seeing that smile and cute butt! :-) Here's hoping to hearing from ya, would like to get to know you better rather than having a counter between us...

Devlins lunch Thursday 2/11 - m4w (Amarillo)

I was in brown shirt-pants sitting in the corner next to the booth where you were facing me. You-jeans, blue shirt-tall, dark hair, stunning! Locked eyes when you were walking back to your booth and also when you were leaving. Have to meet!Please touch base with me.

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