Earlier, Dallas Chambers wrote up a story about an accident that happened today on I-27 that left one person in the hospital with life threatening injuries. We can't confirm any truth to this, but it's being reported by Pro News 7 that an APD Officer passed by the vehicle and the subjects pushing it off the highway. Over the radio, he said it appeared to be a broken down vehicle.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department was contacted and said :

"APD does not have a specific policy stating they "must" help broke down vehicles on the side of the road.

"If an officer is approaching or sees a vehicle that's broke down or somebody is trying to do something with them, depending on the situation, the day, and the time, he's gonna do everything he can to keep that person from getting hit or an accident occurring." said Neufeld.

Neufeld said it is unknown where the vehicle was at the time the officer passed, but he has no doubt that the officer would have stopped had the situation looked dangerous at the time he had passed.

"We have push bumpers on our cars, so if we see something like that we have pushed many cars out of the road way, off to a safer place to change a tire or something like that," said Neufeld.  "Had the officer seen that he was needed, I feel very certain that he would have turned around and came back."

Click below to listen to scanner audio from accident