You can feel it in the air. Last week's sneak peak, I think, got us all ready to get outside. Luckily Spring Break is next week and not this one. Of course as Amarillo will do it they wanted to give us one more bite of colder weather.

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Next week when the kiddos are out for Spring Break our bi-polar express that we like to call our weather will be calming down. So it will be a perfect time to get the kiddos out. They need to run around and enjoy the week.

Sports World is one of those places that my daughter enjoyed running around and playing at when she was growing up. She had fun playing miniature golf and of course getting her first experience driving. Those go karts were so much fun.

I asked around because it has been years since she was of the age to run around and have fun out there, so I wondered if they were still in business. Then as luck would have it I saw this announcement on Facebook:

After 20 years, Sports World is now under New Management by long-time locals, Jonathan Desimone & Jason Rogers.
We are excited to serve Amarillo with HIGH OCTANE FUN for the whole family!
So yes, Sports World is ready to open up for Spring Break and under new management. They have updated some things to make them even better. They have updated the mini golf greens, their concessions have been updated with even more options, their go karts are ready for a spin. Oh and they are about to add new batting cage nets too.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Sports World is ready for Spring Break and will be opening Friday from 5pm - 10pm. They will be open during the break from 11am - 10pm next week except for Sunday when they will only open from 1pm - 8pm.
So if you are looking to line up that Spring Break calendar there is one more place to add to the list.

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