Sneak Peek At Van Buren’s Frightmare [VIDEO]
Spirits and ghosts from the medieval times have taken over Van Buren haunted house at the AAYC building. Just drive by and here the creepy screams running away from the building. Van Buren Frighmare brings you a indoor/outdoor haunting experience! Her...
The Hacker Radio Show Attempts To Connect With Spirit – [VIDEO]
Last year we brought a paranormal group to do a investigation at the Kiss Fm studio what we caught on video was shocking and scary because I really do think we connected with a spirit here. This year we wanted to revisit the same location where we had alot of activity the only difference was it was just me and Vahid this year. We ...
Ke$ha Has Sex With Ghost
As we all know, that pop star Ke$ha is all about raising eyebrows, and making people think twice; whether it's her wardrobe, hair, make up, or now her sex life. In an recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, the singer reveled that her new song "Supernatural" off of her new album "Worrier" set to drop December 4th, is about "experiences with the supernatural, but in a sexy way