Top 10 Posts Of 2011 On 96.9 KISS-FM
We have a ton of contributors to the 96.9 KISS-FM website. From behind the scenes, to right in front, the team is continuously working to bring the best of the web to your monitor. Let's have a look back at 2011 and check out the top posts of the year. ...
Hear New Music This Week First On 96.9 KISS-FM From Pitbull & Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez and Outasight! [Video]
We're busting out shiney new music this week and you'll hear it first in Amarillo on 96.9 KISS-FM!  Jennifer Lopez brings back her beautiful voice and booty in a new song called Papi.  For the first time ever Pitbull and Chris Brown duet in International Love.  And then a new group to the KISS-FM play-list called Outasight is hitting the air waves with Tonight Is The Night.
9-6-9 Triple Play Starts Tomorrow!
Tomorrow, we'll start making it rain!  It's the newest KISS Kash giveaway on the radio station in what we're calling the Nine Six Nine Triple Play!  Where our 9-6-9 means KISS Kash in your pocket just for listening!
Should Soulja Boy Be Banned On KISS FM 96.9? [POLL]
So Soulja Boy wants to disrespect our hard working men and women of the military huh?  Tommy the Hacker did a blog on this last night and it completely flipped my lid!  I automatically got defensive and decided that we should stop playing his music all together.  After I stepped back and took a breath, I remembered that it's not up to me, it's up to YOU TO DECIDE!
Couple Making Out at Vancouver Riot Become Its Accidental Stars [PHOTO]
After the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup finals, hockey fans took to the streets of British Columbia’s capital city in a massive riot. With so much passion in the air, somebody was bound to get some action: Photographer Rich Lam snapped a couple making out somewhere between the throbbing horde and a line of riot police. See the full image below: Read M

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