So ladies, your on a date with a guy you barely know.  He's throwing his best game at you, but you have this suspicion that it's just to good to be true.  As in most cases, when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.  Here are the top signs you need to be looking for while your on a date, signs that he's a married man.



First off, look for the obvious things.  Like a tan line on his wedding ring finger, or maybe even skin that appears to be "dented" by a ring. When a man wears a wedding ring for a year or more, it actually leaves a physical dent in his finger that is easily spotted.  A good example can be seen in the picture below.


If the man your on a date with has passed the ring test, there's other signs you should be looking for.

One of them also involves the ring finger, but instead of looking for a wedding band mark, look for him to appear as if he's missing something on that finger. Most men will physically touch their ring finger without even thinking of it.  They do this because they just want to make sure they still have their ring and didn't lose it.  Also, they have a habit of washing their hands and drying under their ring.  So if your on a date with a guy that's not wearing a wedding ring, but for some reason keeps touching his ring finger, odds are, he's a married man.

Another sign to look for is paranoia. If a married man is creeping in public, he's constantly watching his back!  So if your on a date with a man that seems like he's afraid of being caught on a date with you.  That's pretty much a dead on sign that he's either married, or at least seeing someone.  Look for them to be constantly looking over their shoulder or watching the door as people come in.

The last really good indicator that he's married, he won't put his cell phone down. If your on a date with a man that is continuously checking his cell phone and replying to messages, that's probably his "boo" on the other end checking up on him.  So if your date won't put his phone down, that's because his wife is on the other end of the phone and he's trying to avoid getting caught!

Let's be honest, some men are just creeps!  We'll keep your name anonymous, but please take the poll and answer honestly.

I'm sure a few people out there have had experience in running into married men.  What signs do you look for to know if he's a married man or not?  Please tell me in the comments below :)

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