Huge Bike Fail Caught On Live News Broadcast [VIDEO]
Ouch! This is really funny but a little painful to. A man riding his bike through a rain storm flips over his handlebars as a news station was doing a live update on weather in Florida. The man got up and seemed as if he was ok. I'm pretty sure his phone was blowing up with messages that he was…
The Amarillo Flood Of 2015 Pictures
With all the water that has accumulated this summer it has lakes thru-out the city to reach capacity. If you have driven in the area of Paramount & Olsen you will notice the streets and some of the business in the area flooded.
The City of Amarillo Speaks Out About The Potholes
Rain is usually welcomed with open arms, but there is one thing that keeps getting worse the more rain we get.  That thing is the potholes!  After months of residents complaining, the City of Amarillo is finally speaking out about it.
I don't know how many times I have been driving dow…