Uber is a super helpful if you need a ride anywhere around town. You can download the app for free. You never need cash. The Uber app will just charge your debit or credit card the cost of the ride.

One concern a lot of people have though is getting into a strangers car. Is it safe? The answer is yes. The city of Amarillo makes sure that all Uber drivers pass a background check. This process checks that the Uber Driver does not have a criminal background and that they have insurance. The process includes a six dollar fee for the permit. There is also a ten dollar fee for fingerprinting. After a driver passes the background check they receive a permit they have to display in their car.  Drivers who don't have this permit would be driving for Uber illegally. The fine reaches up to $200.

So the next time you need a ride and if you call an Uber, make sure they have the permit in their car. If they do, you will get you where you need to go safely.

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