A teacher at a school in Wichita Falls has been accused of duct taping 22 of her students mouths shut in a disturbing report.

In Texas, the belief that discipline can solve most problems is pretty common. However, it's been decades since educators were allowed to spank, swat, or use other physical means to discipline students.

Apparently, one Texas teacher decided it was time to bring back harsher punishment.

Several news sources have reported that a female teacher duct-taped 22 of her students' mouths shut and told them it was a game. Supposedly, she allowed the students to take off the duct tape when they left the classroom to go to the bathroom or out into the hallway.

The teacher was fired after these allegations surfaced last week.

The students have been offered counseling for any emotional trauma they received from the teacher's actions.

This is still an ongoing investigation. Police are trying to determine if criminal charges are needed.

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