A 30 year old woman from Smyer, TX, which is closer to Lubbock than it is Amarillo, has been missing for over a week now and her family is desperate to locate her.  Please, if you know of the whereabouts of Maegan Hembree, do the right thing and contact the authorities or family so they can finally get some sleep at night, they truly fear the worse.

She's a 30 year old white female with green eyes, dark blond hair, stands about 4ft 11in tall and was last seen around 6:30pm driving a red 1999 Saturn couple, license plate # KIB142.

Please, if you know where she Maegan is, notify the Hockley County Sheriff's Office immediately at (806) 894-3126.  There's more information in the graphic at the top of the page like distinguishing marks you can look for, and there's a Facebook page set up for her with a lot of information on it!  Check that out at the link below and please share share share and share again!