So yesterday, we announced the news about the ban on cell phone use while driving that was passed by Canyon, TX.  Today, more details are coming in that explain a little more about what will be happening to drivers caught using their cell phones while on the road.


We already know that the ban will go into effect on August 1st, and that the actions prohibited under the new law include texting, using the Internet, sending emails and typing into your cell phones GPS to get directions.  I would like to reiterate that talking on your cell phone while driving is not a part of the ban, you can talk on your cell phone and drive still.

If you are caught by police using your cell phone for any of the listed actions above while driving, you face a fine of up to $200!

And if you know Canyon police the way I know Canyon police, you should be well aware that they are incredibly strict and will definitely be watching for you to be using your cell phone!  Don't expect any free passes from those guys with this new ban!

A question occurs in my head, what about somebody that is using their iPod?

Think about it, an iPod looks strikingly similar to an iPhone.  So imagine this, your driving down the street jamming some tasty tunes on your iPod, when a song comes on you don't really want to hear.  So you grab your iPod and skip through the songs to find a good one.  Well, from a cops perspective, it will look like your doing something on your cell phone.  So what happens then?

Further more, a lot of people actually use their cell phones as an mp3 player, so what if your just listening to music on your phone and you have to pick it up to skip a song?  Will that be excused?  Will the police even believe you when you tell them that's what you were doing?

Don't get me wrong, I like the new ban, I think it is definitely something that needs to be a nation-wide thing, but what about those cases where your honestly not texting or sending an email?

The ban needs a little fine tuning before a bunch of innocent people get really mad because they are getting fines for the wrong reason.

The problem is, anyone can lie and say they weren't texting, that they were just shuffling through music, so how can the police really see the difference between the 2 from their police cars?

Hi I'm Dallas Chambers, I'll be the skunk at your garden party :)


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