I am all about good food. I am also all about a good deal as well. As common
as Taco Tuesdays are I want Wednesday’s to be known for one thing.
When you think of Wednesday’s you need to think of pizza. All in favor? Yep. I mean that is a platform I can stand behind. A perfect day. Yes, this has been a thing for awhile but I am just joining the Pizza Wednesday trend.
Nothing is more magical than going in and buying one pizza and getting another one free. Does that sound like a deal for you? Well if so than Schlotsky’s is your place.
No catch. This is a great way to save money for your family. Everyone can get their own pizza and only pay for half of them. If that is not the way to go how about helping your budget this way. You can buy a pepperoni pizza for lunch and have a cheese pizza for dinner. Yes, this sounds like a great plan.
credit: Schlotzsky's Facebook page
credit: Schlotzsky's Facebook page
The best part? They have several pizzas to choose from: pepperoni and double cheese, double cheese pizza, fresh veggie pizza, bbq chicken and jalapeno pizza, the original pizza (which is their original sandwich but on a pizza), the fiesta chicken pizza and the California chicken flatbread, Yes, there is a pizza for everyone.
You can order on the app or in person at the restaurant. There are no coupons or codes to know. Just honest to goodness savings.

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