Well Amarillo it's about that time for the yearly Warrant Round Up! "Bad boys, Bad boys, what ya gonna do,what ya gonna do when they come for you". You can run you can hide but they'll come looking for you if you have a warrant. Law enforcement will be sweeping the city for all them unpaid tickets that have led to warrants, and let me tell you there's lots of them!  How about 39,000 outstanding warrants that's a value of $11 million dollars to the city. Just like if someone owed you $25 you'd want your cash right. Well I guess the city wants their $11 million dollars.

Starting Saturday Feb. 25th police from all over will be beating down your door to arrest you if you have a warrant issued. They will start at your home, work, school, and even clubs to hunt you down. The city can taste money in their mouth and will get you, so they can collect on all these unpaid tickets.

The city is giving you till Saturday to pay them unpaid fines! If not then you will be put on the "Roundup" list. And how embarrassing would that be to be picked up at work in front of all your co-workers handcuffed and thrown in the back of the cop car ready to be hauled off to jail. Not only will you be facing embarrassment but also if you go to jail that might put you out of commission for a couple of day from work then you could possibly lose your job!

So I think the best option is to go and pay the ticket by Saturday so your not put in that situation. Law enforcement WILL NOT put up with any excuses especially when they have the city breathing down their back to collect their $11 million dollars. So I don't want to see any of my Kiss listeners on the next episode of "Cops Amarillo" edition So please go pay your tickets!

The city has put out a list of people who have warrants. To see if your name is on the list for the Warrant Roundup list just CLICK the link below...

Amarillo Warrant Roundup <-----------  click here

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