Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you haven't gotten even thought about what you're going to get Mom.  It's time to start thinking about it.

Amarillo has some great places to get Mom some amazing gifts.  We have many spas for facials and massages, great places for mani/pedis, amazing boutiques, and awesome brunch spots.

So what does Mom want?  First of all mom would probably like to spend some time with you on her special day.   However, if it is a gift you can do then, here's some great ideas. put together a survey and found that Texas Moms want this for Mother's Day.

So now that you know what most Moms want, then, get her one or all of these.  You can take her out to eat and present her with flowers and created a cute little homemade box and put a necklace in it, then tell her you scheduled her a spa day and there you have it, you've taken care of all the gifts she wants.

No matter what it is I'm sure your mom will appreciate you for thinking of her.  It's what us moms do.

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