I know we are all missing sports right now. I mean basketball, baseball, the short lived XFL. Some of us can NOT take it much longer. This is baseball season but there is no baseball. Or is there?

The Sod Poodles had a great Inaugural Season and we had been so looking forward to this upcoming season. We should already be enjoying games at Hodgetown but we can't. So this is how the Sod Poodles and Mix 941 decided to remedy this situation.

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How about bringing you some of the great games from last season? The best of the Sod Poodles Inaugural Season. When the season does eventually start we will have Sunday afternoon games on our station. For now we will be replaying some of last years finest. So tune in Sunday at 12 pm to catch some sounds from the ballpark.

We have all been missing it. Here is our way to try to give us some relief. Baseball on the radio. The way I grew up. When I couldn't attend a game I was there in spirit listening on my radio. We can do that now too. Since we can't all go out to the ballpark here is the next best thing.

Stay safe and we will see you at Hodgetown soon.


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