That being said, this is by far the worst thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!  I've watched some sick movies, read some sick books, but nothing compares to the sickness that is known as REAL LIFE!  REALITY! 

This is the story of Yue Yue, a 2 year old girl in China.  I don't know how she got away from her parents and ended up in the position she was put in, but I can tell you what happened once she got there.

This little girl was crossing the street when a van flat out ran her over.  TWICE!  First with the right front tire, second with the right back tire.  And he knew he did it!  He had to have!  After he hit her with the front tire he stopped and literally struggled to get the back tire over her, like he was climbing a hill!  If you think that's heartless, after she was hit an unbelievable number of people just drove or walked by her, completely ignoring her lying on the ground crying and bleeding!  She even got ran over again!  I can't believe this I'm getting so PO'd just typing about it!

The world is upset and they should be!  What the hell is going on China!  This poor, innocent girl has been left brain dead from my understanding.  A terrible story indeed, and bet that your not hearing the end of this!  This is only the beginning of this story!  If you've read this entire thing without watching the video I must again warn you of how graphic the footage is.  There's another video I found here on Facebook that actually has a fan page you can check out and like.  Keep this family in your prayers!