It's summer time and the police are out in full force. You seem them on in cars and sometimes even hiding behind bushes.

We wanna make sure that everyone out there drives safe, and we're even going to provide you a guide to Amarillo's most frequent speed-traps. But the best thing you can do to avoid a ticket is always wear your seat belt, drive the speed- limit, and obey traffic laws.


Speed Trap #1

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If your driving downtown headed north on Buchanan watch your speed as you go under the under-pass at the train tracks as there might just be an officer running radar as you come up.

Speed trap #2

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Beware of 27th & Aldridge next to the liquor store do not be surprised if you see 2 motorcycle cops clocking speed as you drive by.

Speed trap #3

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33rd and Washington is a hotspot for cops and a easy one. People are constantly pulled over here. Motorcycle cops are usually on the median so watch your speed.

Speed trap #4

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This is one of them sneaky spots that you should know about. As you pass 34th & Bell before Amarillo High-school on your right-hand side you might see a cop sitting there. It's kind of a tricky place because they sit there right before the Bell apartments.

Speed trap #5

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Out of all speed traps this is the funniest one. Why? Well, because of the fact is motorcycle cops camouflage themselves withing the bushes. Look out for them right next to the bushes on the side of the highway next to the Donut Stop on I-40 & Bell st.

Speed trap #6

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Here's another median spot! I-40 & Coulter swarms with motorcycle cops so be careful make sure you have your seat-belt on and watch your speed.

Speed trap #7

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As your traveling on I-40 look above on the Grand st. bridge because at times you might see a cop taking radar as he dispatches to the motorcycle cops that are waiting on the on-ramps of the speeders. That's what the cops call the tag-team maneuver! Again, watch your speed!

Speed trap #8

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Had to save the BEST spot for last. DO NOT speed in the area of 34th & Coulter by the Whataburger because this is their favorite lunch spot. At times you will see about 8 of their motorcycles in the parking lot as the cops get their grub on...

We hope this guide helps you. Always watch your speed and feel free to share this with friends and family. We really would hate for them to get speeding tickets. If we missed any speed-trap locations please add to our list on the comment box below.