A 8-year-old boy from Covington, Kentucky with ADHD was sent to the principles office at school for not listening to his teacher. The boy then attempted to leave the principles office a resource officer was called down to the office for assistance. When the officer arrived the boy attempted to strike him. The officer then responded by placing the boy in handcuffs for 15 minutes. The American Civil Liberties Union is now involved and filing a lawsuit.

ACLU released a statement saying:

"Shackling children is not okay. It is traumatizing, and in this case it is also illegal," said Susan Mizner, disability counsel for the ACLU. "Using law enforcement to discipline students with disabilities only serves to traumatize children. It makes behavioral issues worse and interferes with the school’s role in developing appropriate educational and behavioral plans for them."

How do you feel about the officer's actions. Do you think he was out of place or was this the right thing to do to this 8 -year-old boy?

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