A River Road ISD teacher is under investigation by Potter County authorities after allegations of her being in a relationship with one of her students.  I've said this twice in one week, "what the hell is wrong with some of the teachers these days!?"


The teacher was placed on administrative leave on Monday and is now no longer employed by the school district.


The teacher's identity is being kept confidential by authorities so we don't have a name yet, and of course they will work diligently to keep the students information private for the sake of his future and for his family.

But the story could get a little deeper in the investigation.

Amarillo Globe News Reports

Dampf would neither identify the teacher nor provide further details.

District officials could not discern the scope of the alleged inappropriate relationship from the initial reports of misconduct, according to the news release.

As the investigation progressed, district officials learned criminal misconduct might have occurred, according to the news release.

I'll keep a close eye on this story for future details.

Let's hope teachers across the country stop taking "sex education" class so literally.

See the full story here at Amarillo Globe News.

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