I have been on Facebook a lot this afternoon and I have seen a lot of warning This is the Texas Panhandle so we should be use to it but oh my goodness the wind!

Remember that wind we witnessed on March 13th? We could be in for Round 2 tomorrow. Winds will be out of the West at 45 - 55 MPH. A High Wind Watch is already in effect for tomorrow from 11 am through 7 pm. So it may get bad again.

We could even see gusts as high as 70+ mph. So be prepared. If you have a trampoline you may want to flip it over in your backyard. We have seen several missing in that last round.

If you have anything that could blow away from your yard and end up in another yard or even in another city you may want to secure it now. We may end up seeing more damages to signs and businesses. Poor El Patron on I-40 is still shut down after the last round of wind.

El Patron I-40 East, Credit: Townsquare Media

Burger King on Georgia is still without a sign and they just had that one replaced when they reopened after the fire.

There are still billboards that are tore up and here we are getting ready for round 2. Oh and the power outages. We had people without electricity for days! Xcel is already warning people to be prepared.

credit: Xcel Texas Facebook

You may go ahead and download the app just to be safe. Of course be careful about all the fire dangers that we could see tomorrow too. Luckily we have had some moisture but it could still be a problem.

Let's learn from the last round of wind damage and be ready for this one. I'm most worried about how the Sod Poodles will be affected. Will there be massive home runs? Will there be damage? The things I think at I look out at Downtown Amarillo right now. Just to think a beautiful day today leads into a Wind-nado maybe for tomorrow.

If it gets bad and you have any photos of damage post them below!