I don't want to say that all pop music sounds the same, but the fact is the sound really does all fall along the same lines as far as tempo (BPM), texture and flow.  They blend seamlessly together, and one Youtube user, vissagen, has figured out a perfect blend for a new mash-up!

If you're not familiar with DJ Earworm, he does something very similar to this at the end of every year.  The mash-ups are called United States of Pop (Year).

Well, this Youtube user was listening to the radio, when the idea of doing a mash-up hit him.

Vissagen says:

I was listening to the radio when I realized I could mix every song I had just heard. Pop songs are so replaceable these days...
Here's a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9o4jnn6k25k63nx

I got to say this Pop Music mash-up is AMAZING!  It compares to that of DJ Earworm, a professional mash-up artist!

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