Just drove down Bell in Amarillo, was seeing flashing lights from a distance, got up on 34th & Bell and saw this!  I'm not sure what happened, the Amarillo Police Dept hasn't sent anything out yet.  To me, it looks like a high speed chase took place, and the end result was horrific traffic accident.

The first police car I passed was an un-marked police vehicle, and it was wrecked on the front end, this makes me think maybe a high speed chase.  Things started to take shape and I just couldn't believe my eyes!  An entire traffic light pole was taken down!  The car that I assume hit the light pole is just totaled!

I'm not sure if there were any fatalities in this, I'm waiting on a release from APD.

***UPDATE*** There are rumors that it was a female drunk driver, a witness says this.  Nothing official, and no word on if the driver died in the accident.  Many prayers that she is okay!  It's 9:45pm and there has been no release issued by APD.

Dallas Chambers

I'm not sure what happened to the audio on this video, for some reason there is none, but the footage speaks for itself.