It's been a bad year for Chipotle, but they want to win your trust back with a complimentary burrito bowl. What's the catch?

Chipotle has suffered from some bad PR this year. First of all, they made a big deal about their non-GMO ingredients and imported beef, which was not taken well by the agriculture industry. Then, they had a disease outbreak. Several cases of E.coli, salmonella, and norovirus were caused by Chipotle's food.

Not only did this have a bad effect on people's health and well being, but it caused Chipotle's stocks to plummet.

Because of the failing reputation, Chipotle has decided to double the amount of free food it allows its markets to give away. That means you might get a free burrito on more days than just Halloween.

Here's the catch: you have to eat food from Chipotle that may contain life-threatening diseases.

Are you willing to put your trust back in Chipotle if they offer you free tacos?

All Chipotle restaurants will be closed on February 8th to speak to staff about E.coli. Plan your meals accordingly.

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