I mean as far as Texas justice goes I am not so sure about this one. It's been an up and down battle. The Thomas Michael Dixon case, of course is what I am talking about.

I mean we all know the story. He hired David Shepard to kill his nemesis. The one who was dating the woman he "loved". So Dr. Sonnier lost his life and Shepard gained some gold bars. The first trial somehow ended in a hung jury/mistrial. I'm not quite sure how that even happened. Were the jurors awake during the trial?

Then the 2nd trial Dixon was found guilty. Wow. There is some justice. So he went to prison. Then money talks....and somehow they found a way to overturn the conviction. What?

Apparently the Attorneys for Dixon appealed the conviction on 50 issues in three categories: insufficient evidence to convict, cell site information obtain without a warrant and the exclusion of the public from the courtroom on three occasions. The 7th Court of Appeals found that overturned the conviction in December 2018 and the state of Texas appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest court of appeal for criminal matters in Texas.

He was let out. So, basically Dixon has been living here in Amarillo free as can be since late 2018. Again what? I watch enough Investigation Discovery Channel to know there has been some injustice done here. I mean I was shocked when that happened.

Then the news came yesterday that the 7th Court of Appeals decision reversing Dr. Thomas Dixon’s murder-for-hire conviction has been overturned by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

That seems like a bunch of double negatives there. Basically they are saying that they should have never overturned the conviction in the first place. You think?

So it looks like Dixon should be heading to prison again soon. Fingers crossed. Though, I feel we have not heard the end of this travesty. I feel as long as he has money he is going to try to fight this. Anybody have 3 gold bars to keep him in prison? I'm curious.


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