Does sleeping in separate beds with your significant other really means there is trouble in your relationship? Maybe not.

You know you love the person you are with but let’s face it, sleeping next to them can be a real challenge. They may snore. They might steal the blankets or just let out some farts throughout the night.

So, what do you do in these cases? You get a separate bed for them. That’s what you do!

A study says that more than half of people say they secretly wish they could sleep separate from their better half. 12% of couples say they already do.

They are not doing this because they are mad at each other. They just want a good night’s rest.

What keeps couples from getting a good night’s sleep? Well things like a snoring partner, the bed gets too hot from the body heat. They go to bed different times which wakes up the other person. Sleeping next to someone means you can’t stretch out. The worst thing is that the other person hogs the blankets.

Would you sleep in another bed to get some rest? Tell us in the comment section below.

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