What makes you wake up in the middle of the night? What makes it hard to go back to sleep? Here are some things that keeps Amarillo awake at night.

41% of people say relationships keep them up at night. Things like a current relationship or one that recently ended.

36% of people say money keeps them up. Nothing is worst than having a deadline to pay something like rent the next day and not having the money you need to pay it.

30% of people said that work keeps them awake. Worrying about things that you need to do can keep you up for sure.

Some people said that health keeps them up. It's either pain or just being concern from your current condition.

Finally, some people said that politics keeps them up. Maybe turn off the TV and you won't have that problem so much.

For me, my puppy likes to wake me at 3 AM to potty. It always take me a bit of time to go back to sleep.


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