Okay so Nathan Lewis just called me, he's a drum major at River Road High, and he wanted to clear the air about the "Worst Band Member Award" that was recently shared by me.  Where the band director for River Road allegedly issued the award to 3 students in the class.  Nathan calls to back his teacher up, and pull Marci Criswell completely out of the equation, saying it was a "practical joke put on by the students".

Nathan told me that 3 students received the award, and they were all in on the deal as well.

The awards were a joke and meant to lighten the mood of student spirits, as many students are feeling the stress of semester tests and finals and just ready for a summer break from school.

Nathan says the whole class was in on the deal, everyone was aware of it, and everyone got a good laugh out of it and there was by no means any form of teacher - student bullying taking place.

I respect Nathan for stepping up to clear the air!  This one really got me heated, I was pretty upset about it! But knowing that it was all just a joke that even the recipients of the awards were a part of actually does make me laugh.  They pulled off a good one here!  Kudos!

Hear the phone call between Nathan and I below.