Awhile ago we were introduced to a few names that our new baseball team could be named. From the beginning we all knew that the Sod Poodles name stood out.

All of Amarillo banded behind how ridiculous that name was! What is a Sod Poodle? We never heard such a name. I mean really. We come to find out in a "Oh yeah Duh" moment that a Sod Poodle is a prairie dog.

Oh yeah we really all knew that! I mean right? Common knowledge. I will say that when it became the time to announce the name I feel the city would, at that point, riot if the name was not decided to be the Sod Poodles.

Once it was announced and we were triumphant we ran out to buy hats and shirts. We got our victory.

Then this happened earlier this week.

Credit: Fox Sports Twitter
Credit: Fox Sports MLB Twitter

Well now the Amarillo Sod Poodles got their first victory even before hitting the field. We, as Amarilloans, are proud. We won a Twitter poll. We will take it.

It was all part of Fox Sports: MLB Twitter account. They had their own March Madness poll. Voting for the best Minor League Baseball team names!

So it finally came down to the National Championship yesterday! Would it be the El Paso Chihuahuas. Come on Chihuahuas? Not really all that unique. I mean we all know what a Chihuahua is. Correct?

But a Sod Poodle? That is pretty original. We all knew it! We would have called for a recount if we didn't win. I mean really!

The announcement came finally! Victory was ours to be had!

Credit: Fox Sports MLB Twitter
Credit: Fox Sports MLB Twitter

So it is a great day when we can come into the season with a victory. Let's all celebrate and head out to the Hodgetown when they take the field for their Home Opener on April 8th.

We are ready for some more victories in Amarillo!


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